Thursday 19 February 2015

Incubator... what?

As you can see on our header image, there’s a sign on the side door of The Lodge’s garage that reads ‘Incubator More’, but we have absolutely no idea what it means.
We know that this has been a gamekeeper's lodge since the 1800s and that the garage was built in 1986 (the date was written in the wet concrete floor when it was laid), so it’s no doubt connected, but the meaning is a bit of a mystery.

‘Incubator’, yes. It's a baby pheasant thing, innit.
But ‘more’?
Nope. No clue.
Even our black belt Google-fu has failed us, so if anyone has any idea then please let us know.

Had someone made a mis-spelled sign saying ‘Incubater Room’ and the letters were later rearranged in an attempt to confuddle people in 2015? Hmmm. It’s our best theory so far but it certainly sounds possible.

Naturally, although we’ll probably be replacing the door at some point we’ll be keeping the sign and, because it’s too small to make a breath-taking feature out of, putting it on another door somewhere. Maybe the loo.

One potato, two potato, incubator more.
We just can’t stop ourselves, even though it makes no sense.

Thanks to the power of that evil soul-sapping time-drain Facebook, it turns out that Incubator Moreni is a type of Romanian egg incubator. We'd link to a page, but we can't find anything that's not written in foreignese.

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