Friday, 17 April 2015

Keys! And a celebratory hygrometer reading...

We now officially own The Lodge!

After the period house survey took place and we were happy with what we were taking on, the final hurdle in our eyes was the mortgage valuation survey, which took place pretty quickly after the mortgage details were agreed and six agonising days later our mortgage lenders called to say that they were happy! 

The survey had highlighted only that there was ‘localised higher than desirable damp’, so recommended a damp and timber survey. And the lenders are happy to leave that up to us, provided we do it, and then address whatever issues are raised within six months. And they don’t need us to send the actual report in, though our period house surveyor has offered to do one for us, as he'd highlighted the problems to us in the first place.

Here's the initial hygrometer reading in The Lodge, coming in at a humid 75%, highlighting the immediate challenge we face.

For more on hygrometers and humidity, check out our earlier post here.

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