Thursday, 4 June 2015

Roe, a deer, a female deer

Just a very quick post tonight to mark another first for us.

It was a gorgeous day today up on the scaffolding and a lovely warm, sunny evening followed so we went for a walk through the woods.
And we saw our very first deer. I think it's a roe but I stand to be corrected.

She was chomping merrily away at the grass to the side of the path we were on, and we thought she'd bolt when she spotted us - but no.
Instead of heading for cover she spent about 40-50 seconds walking slowly and cautiously towards us. Stopping. Bobbing her head up and down for a better view/whiff. Walking... stopping... bobbing... getting closer all the time. Very brave.

...and then she was gone. Off in to the safety of the ferns.


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