Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Merry Christmas from me and the wife

So with Baby J's birthday fast approaching things are slowing down here in preparation for the arrival of the fat furry-hooded burglar with the drinking problem.

We've had issues getting our lime plasterer to confirm a date so we're looking at our options to see if we can get things moving again. That one job is holding a lot of other jobs up.

Meanwhile the Living Room is a bombsite of dust, rubble, sawdust, wood, 120mm Kingspan sheets and work benches so tomorrow's job is to restore order in there so I can see what's what again. There's a possibility that our log burning stove might arrive tomorrow too, so that's going to have to live somewhere until the hearth gets made (it's on order), which makes the clean-up even more necessary.

We've caught no more rats up in the kitchen ceiling, so we're switching tactics - we're swapping lemon curd for Nutella. If that doesn't work we're pulling out all the stops and going down the peanut butter route. That's when we'll be at the Big Problem stage because neither of us like peanut butter and we don't want to end up with a jar of the horrible stuff in a cupboard, contaminating our kitchen.

Finally, we've got the tree up.
Neither of us have ever had a real tree before so it's nice to break our duck at The Lodge for our first Christmas here. Sitting on the oriel window's huge sandstone sill it's only modest, but then so are we.

Next year we'll be setting up a giant inflatable snowman and a blowy-up Homer Simpson in a Santa hat, swigging a can of Duff.

It'll be epic.

There may well be a blog post or two on the run-up to the big day, but Dawn and I would like to use this lull in the action as an opportunity to wish all of our readers a very merry Celebration of Meaningless Consumerism and a happy 48 Hours Of Near Death Experience Binge Drinking.
Be good - your chosen imaginary deity is taking notes.

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  1. Have a great christmas and enjoy the obligatory 12,000 calories.


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