Saturday, 30 January 2016

We're blog award finalists!

Well, this is weird.
Remember a couple of weeks ago when we asked you to spend a few seconds now and then to vote for us in the UK Blog Awards 2016?

W... T... F... ?
Somehow we've only went and gone and got on the shortlist of 10!
It's in the Education section, ironically, but a shortlist is a shortlist and that definitely means Dawn and I are among the top 10 blogging educators on the internet in the UK today. Probably. That's what I'm going to tell people anyway. We're so much brighter than we look.

The black-tie awards ceremony is towards the end of April at the swanky Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster down in Londonium, but the tickets for the do (not to mention fuel and digs) are quite expensive so we'll have to do some penny-counting and weigh that up against new rat traps and skirting boards and living in a shed for a bit longer and the likelihood of actually winning. I'll get to work on an acceptance video just in case, though: "Sorry we couldn't be there, but it's icy out and the electric blanket is so very persuasive. For their invaluable help I'd like to thank my manager, my agent, our misguided readers, our parents, God, Screwfix,, the hardware shop down in the village and, when faced with no other options, the overpriced hellhole that is B&Q...".

So thank you all very much for going to the trouble of voting for us when you could be bothered and weren't too drunk. We really do appreciate it.
'Industry experts' will now be examining Incubator More before they realise that there's somehow been a huge mistake and laugh it out of the competition for all the wrong reasons. Then next year they'll announce a complete overhaul of the voting system to make sure something like this never happens again. Heads will probably roll.

Still, we're officially recognised as edumacationalists now and they can't not never take that away from us.

To view the full shortlist, where you'll see we're up against trifling and insignificant blogs about the Holocaust and the dire state of Britain's classrooms, click here.


  1. Congratulations! Well deserved. Maybe you should crowdfund the costs of attending the awards bash - though would you be able to face returning to the shed after all that luxury?

  2. Thank you! If we went we'd bring some of the luxury back with us, of course. Like those mini individually-wrapped soap bars and sachets of shampoo. Maybe a trouser press or two...


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