Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Cabin fever sets in

So I've went and gone and added a subscribe widget thingy over <--- there somewhere.

Give me a month...
If you enter your email address then click a confirmation linky sent to your inbox you should, in theory, get an email alert whenever a new blog post goes live. Like this one.
I have no idea if it'll be useful or not, but give it a shot. It'll provide a much-needed short break from looking at cat videos and dirty women.

When I say I "added" the widget I kind of made a bit of it. That's why I'm not entirely sure it's working - my behind-the-scenes dashboard is telling me nobody has subscribed even though both Dawn and I definitely have. It's under construction, let's say. (EDIT: It doesn't work. I've ditched it.)

So yes, I made it. Ish.
I stole the envelope picture using Google as my willing accomplice and made it pretty. I reminded myself of a little HTML to make the whole widget (that's what they call those bits) smaller. I changed the words. I set up an account to handle the automated emails...

...then I topped-up the rat poison.
Lugged a few tools around from one place to another.
Incinerated all the rubbish wood I could find in a fire that lasted almost three days
Made two big veg planters for Dawn out of new half-sleepers.
Emptied the water butt by the woodshed. Four times.
Pointed our CCTV NatureCam at a tree.
Lumbered around in the woods for a bit.
Angled my bedside lamp so it points more at the wall.
Sat by the window watching the raindrops trickle gently down the Perspex.
Tinkered with the blog page background, making it a more loggy one.
Emptied the ash pan from the criminally-underused log burner.
Realised I've run out of land to go metal detecting on...

Things are slow at the minute, I won't lie.
I can't really explain the reasons just yet, but we have a job on at The Lodge which should have taken a reasonably short period of time but has rapidly become much more of an unexpectedly-lengthy affair.
By that I mean 'it's at a standstill and is holding up every other job that can possibly be done inside the house at the moment'.

I can't find a suitable picture to go at the end of this post,
so here's a piglet in wellies
So I have been finding things to do, which is how the woodshed was born and why I on-and-off spent the best part of a fortnight carefully crafting a gargantuan blog about it which I dare anyone to read to the end. Even I fell asleep when I was writing it, possibly more than once.

So that's it, really. I don't suppose even this post is necessary, but it's something to do.
Please subscribe to our (mainly my) ramblings using the gubbins at the top of the left-hand sidebar. If not before, you should get a new post alert on Sunday when it's our one-year anniversary at The Lodge, so if it doesn't arrive it's buggered.

I'm going to sleep now. Tomorrow I plan to rearrange the cutlery drawer. I might break with tradition and do it alphabetically. Then I might blog about it. With a picture gallery.

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