Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Living Room jobs list

Hello there.
Please ignore me, I'm just popping in to post my Living Room To-do List as its own entry because:

  1. It's the only list I've got to work from
  2. Although I've published it before it's buried at the bottom of another post and I keep forgetting where to find it
  3. I can't keep using "I can't find my list" as an excuse not to do anything

So here it is. I'll keep updating it as I finish things off and, rest assured, I'll let you know when anything interesting happens...

Note: The jobs on this list are unofficially sponsored by BBC Radio 5's Kermode and Mayo's Film Review podcasts which, at a rate of around three or four per day, I appear to be mainlining.
Hello to Jason Isaacs.

  • Buy oak skirting (acclimatise!)
  • Buy oak architrave (ditto!)
  • Buy radiators + feet
  • Buy switches and sockets
  • Buy light fittings
  • Buy door knob
  1. Sand ceiling (03.05.16)
  2. Sand walls (esp around sockets etc) (04.05.16)
  3. Scrape out chimney breast pointing (25.05.16)
  4. Brush down original exposed pointing in feature wall (13.05.16)
  5. Sand beams above oriel window
  6. Caulk ceiling edges to walls
  7. Strip door frame reveal in to hall (06.05.16)
  8. Fit oriel window wall light and chase electrics
  9. Make oak window sills x2
  10. Remove old radiator pipes from pantry
  11. Install new copper pipes to repositioned Pantry radiator
  12. Replace copper pipes to front radiator
  13. Brick acid chimney breast brick faces (26.05.16)
  14. Brick acid feature wall brick faces for final time and stabilise
  15. Patch delaminating sandstone window sill?
  16. Fill missed areas in front window ceiling with lime putty
  17. Putty-up Pantry wall where radiator pipes used to be
  18. Fill all accidental holes from previous jobs with lime putty
  19. Repoint chimney breast
  20. Cut skirting and architrave to size ready for fitting
  21. Re-sand mantelpiece
  22. Repaint around edges of register plate
  23. Decorate
  24. Wax and finish door frame reveal (07.05.16)
  25. Replace switches and sockets
  26. Replace light fittings
  27. Fit window sills x2
  28. Restore floor
  29. Fit skirting
  30. Fit architrave
  31. Fit radiators + feet
  32. Fit refurbished door (07.05.16)
  33. Fit door latch and knob (21.05.16)
  34. Rob bank to pay for new custom-made oriel window frame

    The Living Room chimney breast has been the focus of attention for the last two or three weeks.
    Scraping out the old, crumbly lime pointing by hand is easily as soul-destroying as having
    to scrape Artex from the ceiling

    ...and compared to scraping the pointing, using a half-inch paint brush to coat each individual brick face
    with neat brick acid in order to clean them up is a doddle

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